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A failed infiltration by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
A failed infiltration
"1# My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones." ~Article on the evil overlord list.…

Ahhh, the old chestnut, the evil overlord list;the inspiration for this piece.  Point one is actually a pretty good point: it frees vision, prevents demonisation of humans and humanisation of demons, and of course allows you to avoid nasty disguise incidents like the above. Although it's a good question on how she got there in the first place without being picked out.

A short sketch that  touched up and ended up being very happy with. I've decided to call the power-armoured mooks Eyesores; expect to see the cycloptic menaces elsewhere. I am particularly happy with how their irises, the green parts of the armour, and the technique I used for the leaves behind them came out. Also, yes, I went to the pauldron school of power-armour design, why do you ask?

I probably won't make a series out of this, but who knows?
Amorous dungeon by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
Amorous dungeon
Fanart, lepers, and shipping. 3 things I never thought I would post here.

Even if they remained uninvolved romantically, I figure the leper and the plague doctor would get along well. He's just pleased someone's first reaction wasn't to recoil in disgust (even if it is "Ooh what an interesting specimen can I make a sketch?") , while she appreciates the leper's poetic soul, and how he's willing to live his life despite his sickness.  Plus they both mistake bandages for clothing. Likewise with the Leper and Jester, with the added bonus that they sync pretty well in-game.

As for the game itself.... It's the most needfully melodramatic game this year.  The narrator does't so much speak as PONTIFICATE  in his most IMPERIAL and ANTEDILUVIAN  accent, every gesture and attack is accompanied by DRAMATIC ZOOMING and EVEN MORE DRAMATIC BACKDROPS, Where POINTING will not only PHYSICALLY HURT but MARK THE VICTIM FOR DEATH, and  even PIG VOMIT is a threat not just to dignity, but to LIFE, to SANITY, to the very SOUL.

Also a little bit nerve-wracking partially when you jester goes abusive for the 5th time. I have a full set of heroes twice over on my best dungeon, but now I don't have any room for people to send on suicide missions.
The weirdest thing is i'm not even the first to ship these two...…
FTL: A Cunning Plan by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
FTL: A Cunning Plan
So a few weeks ago I beat FTL, (in the stealth cruiser of all things) and it took me this long to finish drawing this image.  As befitting a rouge-like, the final boss of the game is no joke, and several redundant defenses, plus a plan of attack, is basically necessary... unless you somehow get a Vulcan laser or a weapon pre-igniter, probably by covering your ship in four-leaf clovers. Oh well. :sigh: 
The mantis with the hat is totally KazaaakplethKilik, by the way, who was on my ship at the time.

This the second artwork where I've experimented with adding more texture, and the first one where I combined it with my normal method of digital coloring. Results are mixed.....
I'm happy with how the rock and the snail turned out, but otherwise I'm unhappy with the results. I reckon next time I need to avoid shading in pencil alongside the texture,l, as it doesn't seem to work well with it.

Uni kicked off 2 weeks ago, and i'm just glad I found time to post this. 
Will be back on the 21st!



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