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Holiday sketchdump by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
Holiday sketchdump

I've returned from Vietnam/Cambodia with a bunch of drawings under my arm!
Ironically most of them aren't relevant to either of those places.
1. Similar to 5b, a sort of cybernetic rendition of D&D's Stigia.
2. Sun Wukong. The lines on the staff are meant to be like ruler measurements, because according to the myth it was originally used to measure the oceans. Yes, this means he beats people with a 7,960 kg, size-changing ruler.
3. A super-villainess who somehow ended up as dark phoenix. I have mixed feelings about spandex: Sure, it looks good, and it screams iconic superhero, but I doubt it's practical and it's been done a lot: there's only so many designs possible with spandex alone.
4. Just some beast head thing that ended up looking quite good.
5. a cybernetic Reinterpretation of a pit fiend. just tryign to get as many designs as possible. Was fooling around with reversing the bits that are usually cybenetic (the arm cannon, one of the eyes) and those that are usually organic (1 normal arm, massive fleshy pecs.)
6. A cyber-Molydeus, same vein as 5 and 1. The designs of  the fiends of D&D don't make much sense until you realize they're probably made to seem similar to the Ars goteia and it's…  Then suddenly, it all makes sense.
7. An angry false-Budai (not Buddha, Budai. Budai was A budda, not THE ). The huge lobes you see on any Buddhist stature is supposed to represent longevity, as your earlobes grow throughout life.
8. Some skeletal Armour. I like how it came out but the skull-flail is pretty awful. If I redo this, I'm getting rid of that. 
9.  A mimic. Their new posture in dark-souls 2 is creepy, sure, but I like the way the DS1 one stand up and actually kick at you.
10. Sea-chariots. Yeah, none of those would y work but it's worth a shot.
11.  A demon embedded in ice.
12. A meeting with a Chinese dragon in HA long bay. Beautiful place, and a drawing i'm probably going to ink and color.
13.A  Giant hand vs Chibi samurai. I'm betting on the one with fingers.
13.b. Yep, had demons on the brain these holidays. I do like the design of the "unicorn knight" however, and will probably reuse it.
14. A magus of some sort. No, not that magus. No, not the other one either. Was drawn on a rather cramped overnight train, although all things considered it could have been much worse.
15. The Catarina Fatman.…
16. An interesting picture. I like each of the designs of the weapon, mask and armour on their own, but together they look kind of bad. In particular, the mask is the bastard offspring of the immortal's masks in 300 and the archetypal Tengu mask.
17. Depressed dark lord. If I was hated that much, I’d drink too.
18. An image of one of Grimtooth's traps.
19.  Artists block. Was running out of ideas on the plane.
20.  Another O.C;  a gregarious explosives expert named Saul.  (Yes I actually have more than one of  those. Hooly sheeit.)
21. Sort of a paper-marioish style. B is Guan Yu.
22. Another maniacal beast head.
23. One-armed Bandit. Yes, I know borderlands did it first.
24.  A đàn bầu hero. Saw a few traditional performances in Vietnam and both the appearance and sound of this instrument struck me.
25. Dwarf in a bolthole.  Based on a similar one in the Cu chi tunnels ,which was practically invisible when closed. 
26. Surprise lesbians.
27. Another design process, this one for a horseman of the Apocalypse. Pestilence was not one of the original horsemen: it was instead conquest that was first, complete with crown and bow. I decided to merge the two. 
28.  One of the nagas at Ankor wat. Just a simple sketch, very little reference.
29.  First drawing of 2015: skankish dragon lady.
30.  Some sort of nose worm thing?
31. An image of Magdeline, see 38.
32. Last drawing of 2014: Charon, the boatman.
33. Tea fairies. Censored because nipples.
34.  Unfinished but still hilarious sketch base on a painting of the Ramanya I saw in Cambodia. Hanuman's a hell of a guy; and an even better bridge.
35. Giant Cannon.
36. Some random warp rip and Gertrude, another O.C.  She's in the same pose/expression as Abaddon in this picture…, because like the latter in fanon, she's quite incompetent but so powerful and fecklessly, pettily evil that she's still a major threat.
37. Krampus
38.Magdelne. Bellicose, boisterous, ridiculously strong, and going to hand that cockatrices’ drumsticks back to it on a platter made of it's own skull. 
39. A poorly drawn martial artist, and Famine. Think "matter eater lad." Note it's swallowing the beam.

Why is everything so sloooooow?

Seriously can bareley favorite anything now...
Will be back on the 21st!



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