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Surge Protector by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
Surge Protector
Just a quick one: An inked drawing of the amped-up Supervillain turned hero I made for a play-by post RP, Surge Protector.
Of course, then the RP didn't get off the ground...

 More than a little Kamen Rider in this one. The face is meant to be based off a fencing mask.
Anyway this was just a simple inking I did because I was inspired by inktober... even though it's now november. Eh.
Unending cold by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
Unending cold

The Fimbulvetr.  The almighty cold. The bloody handed winter heralding Ragnarök and the end of days… or was supposed to. For even the winter of wolves, where  brother will kill brother and families will freeze into mass graves, would only last a mere three seasons.


Or rather, has lasted.  Continued to last, for three hundred years.


Into this world of the dead, dying and undying awakens the mighty Vulgrim.  Having died in battle as all Vikings should, Vulgrim found himself denied the splendours of Valhalla, instead awakening as a draug in a grotesque parody of all he lived and died for. Now he hunts the frozen wastelands, seeking an answer for his bitter fate… or at least, someone to answer for it.

A possible idea for a series I had. Among many, as is the wont of Deviant-artists. Had this drawn since last holidays, but only rendered it yesterday.
The scan didn't go as well as I would like, but I still like the final result. I decided to render the fire without using a brush this time... and then used a the cloud brush a bunch for the background anyway. 
It might be snow or ash raining in the foreground. Possibly both.  Decided to use warm colours for the armour as it contrasted nicely with the icy floe he's on. 
Will be back on the 21st!



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