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E is for Echo by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
E is for Echo
I accidentally made 2 O.Cs. Oops.
Meet Viridian and Sir Reycliff. 

Had the joke in mind long before drawing this, so the chart didn't matter as much. Ended up with "A metallic groaning sound, as if the entire dungeon was supported on a single pillar."
Speaking off, this wasn,t meant to be set in the same dungeon as the last one, buuuut...

I'm quite fond of the fire brushes. Also of the fact I figured out how to make an eye/speech bubbles I don't totally hate.
Hand-drawn lettering will always be better, but there's a lot that can be said for using a Photoshop filter on one.

Middle fingers aren't mature content, right? 

(Yes, that's meant to be Vesta, and not Vencna.)
D is for Dungeon by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
D is for Dungeon
Also, L is for late. Very, very late.

This took way too long to make, and I knew it would because backgrounds always take time, but I didn't realize how much so. Procrastination and uni work did not help. At least it's here now.

I rolled up "pyramid/ziggeraut" "undead" and "made by a now extinct race" as results on the table, and made cyclopes the race because they're cool. Since i heard that cyclopes may have been inspired by elephant skulls, I figure they should have tusks as a not to that. Also the pillars are totally based on sarcophagi.

Sadly, I have forgotten who made the fire brushes, but rest assured they are on this site and are good at their job! 

Green fire is the best fire.
Another Sketchdump by Demialc-neeb-sah-em
Another Sketchdump
300% more sketchy than the last!
This is basically a huge crumbum of things I drew on my skiing holiday. Some of them may be done up, most won't.

1. Actually drawn after the skiing holiday: a vampire bat-ork. Context would take too long.
2.  A charcter design: "the dakr and stormy knight." Because puns!
3. some girl punching things and causing an earthquake.
4. Dungeons and Dragonball Z. A few ideas like making knockback a major part of the game, the insanely large scale of the battlemap, and being able to cut magic in half.
5.Cao Cao as a jiaing-shi. Yes, THAT Cao Cao. I figure he'd basically be the dracula equivalent of jiaing-shi, although I don't think I'm that great at writing characters who strategize
6. More D&DBZ. Because you can't have the latter without at least one beam collision. I mean, come on.
7. A grell, I think?
8. A drake skiing down the mountain.
9. More Dark and storm knight. I was thinking about using his temper as a character trait, but when was the last time you saw a hot temper being genuinely used as a bad character trait? Even with the hulk, it's 50%50 whether it'll help or harm him.
10. A death ray. Yep, more puns.
11. Some sort of warforged design.
12. Let's face it: Cirino would be mad skilled at snow sports.
13. Barbarian lady on sword with it's own zip code.
14. Viking on a mexican holiday. again, would take too long to explain.
15. Jellyfish look kind of like UFOs, and organic tech has been in vogue for a while. A combination was inevitable.
16. an Ecorche: think "skinless undead man who want to take yours" and you're partway there.
17. Attempted redesign of father lymic. Tried to play up the transparent angle, and tried a different body shape. I'm only really happy with the former:Although If I ever pay for a commision from bogleech, It'll probably be of a better version of this.
18. A worldbuilding idea: A planet in the shape of a fountain. Not sure what the topmost layers would be like, though.

urgh. explanations almost as long as picture.
There was one more, but it would fit poorly in the format and I wanted to redo it anyway.
Will be back on the 21st!
Will be back on the 21st!



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